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The development trend of industrial vacuum cleaners

Source: Official website   |   Date:2019-10-12

Industrial vacuum cleanerSimply put, it is a cleaning equipment for dust purification in industrial production. It uses the pressure difference between the air inside and outside the vacuum cleaner bucket to suck the cleaning material into the bucket, and then filters it to achieve a cleaning and sanitation effect. At present, industrial vacuum cleaners are widely used in factory production, with increasingly diverse product types. People's positioning and identification of them are also becoming more diverse. According to different classification principles, they can be divided into many types. Here, we introduce a common classification method to improve people's understanding of industrial vacuum cleaners.
According to the structure of industrial vacuum cleaners, they are divided into three categories.
1、 Vertical industrial vacuum cleaner. This industrial vacuum cleaner has an overall shape of a round or square, with an upper and lower part inside. The upper part is equipped with a motor, which is the power part, and the lower part is a dust collection box.
2、 Horizontal vacuum cleaner. It is mostly rectangular or vehicle shaped, divided into two parts: the front part is a dust collection box, and the rear part is the motor part.
3、 Portable vacuum cleaner. There are four specific subtypes of this vacuum cleaner: shoulder type, pole type, handheld type, and miniature type. The shoulder style vacuum cleaner has a smaller shape and can be used when carried on the shoulder, but its disadvantage is that it also has a smaller operating power. The rod type vacuum cleaner is shaped like a rod, with a handle at the upper end and a suction nozzle at the lower end, resulting in a smaller power output. Portable vacuum cleaner: smaller in size, can be directly held in the hand for use, and has lower power. Micro vacuum cleaner: Multi battery powered, smaller in size, commonly used for cleaning clothes, instruments, etc., with lower power.
The usage environment of industrial vacuum cleaners should have a relative humidity of 25% -90%. Too low humidity often means that the air temperature is too high. As analyzed above, this environment is extremely unfavorable for maintenance and use of industrial vacuum cleaners. When the air humidity exceeds 90%, the moisture in the air is already saturated, almost in a state of "only moisture without air". It is obvious that industrial vacuum cleaners are not used for water supply and pollution removal.
The impact of the environment on the use of equipment has always existed, but this existence varies greatly, and different devices have different requirements for the environment. As a cleaning product or cleaning equipment, industrial vacuum cleaners also have certain environmental usage restrictions during use. But overall, its usage environment is still very broad. Here we only list a few small scenarios to remind everyone of their usage.
Since the beginning of the new century, environmental problems have occurred frequently in China, and people's desire for a good production and living environment has become increasingly strong. Industrial vacuum cleaners, industrial dust collectors, high-pressure cleaning machines and other cleaning equipment have emerged, quickly intervening in people's production and life, and building a beautiful environment with their strong cleaning capabilities. In industrial production, industrial vacuum cleaners are becoming more and more widely used. I believe that with the development of technology and the innovation of industrial vacuum cleaners, this cleaning equipment will definitely achieve better development results.
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