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What are the special requirements for woodworking dust collector equipment

Source: Official website   |   Date:2019-12-07

carpentryDust removal systemComposed of pipelines, dust collectors, fans, and three main parts, the woodworking equipment generates wood shavings, sawdust, and sanding dust during the processing. The dust is transported by the fan through the pipeline to the dust collector, and after being filtered by the dust collector, the wood shavings, sawdust, and sanding dust fall into the silo, and clean air is discharged through the air purification port.

Dust pollution from the dust collector equipment in a woodworking factory is the main source of pollution in the woodworking workshop of a furniture factory. A large amount of wood chips and wood powder are generated during operations such as wood cutting, surface processing of board materials, sanding, and edging. The wood flowers, chips, and wood fibers produced by various planers and milling machines belong to large wood dust; The sawdust generated by various sawing and drilling machines belongs to medium-sized wood dust; The wood powder produced by various sanding machines belongs to fine wood dust. In addition, dust pollution is more severe in the production and processing workshops of artificial stone countertops such as cabinets.

Woodworking factoryDust collector equipmentThese dust particles pose a significant threat to the health of operators, especially the respiratory system, and have a significant impact on product quality and environmental ecology. Research by occupational hazard researchers has shown that within 4 hours, when the average dust concentration in the workshop is less than 1 milligram/cubic meter, it is harmless to the human body. When the concentration is within the range of 1-3 milligrams/cubic meter, it is harmful. When it is higher than 3 milligrams/cubic meter, it is more harmful, with an allowable value of 10 milligrams/cubic meter. Currently, most woodworking workshops and artificial stone workshops cannot meet this requirement, with dust concentrations as high as tens or hundreds of milligrams/cubic meter.

The dust on the surface of the dust collector equipment in a woodworking factory may not directly harm people, but it can cause great harm to organs such as the respiratory tract and eyes. Dust with a particle size greater than 10 microns has a shorter residence time in the air and can be effectively trapped in the respiratory tract during respiration, without entering the alveoli. However, due to the presence of wood tar in wood dust, which is composed of various phenols and hydrocarbons and contains carcinogenic substances, over time, workers may suffer from bronchitis, asthma, emphysema, and even cancer. Wood powder with a particle size less than 10 microns can directly enter human lung tissue and precipitate in alveoli, which may cause chronic fibrosis of lung tissue and even lead to a series of pathological changes such as pulmonary heart disease and cardiovascular disease. Moreover, these inhalable substances can also carry various pollutants or bacteria into the lungs, posing great harm to the human body. If dust bounces or flies into a person's eyes, it can cause injury and affect normal operation. In addition, wood dust is also one of the dangerous flammable materials, which can easily cause fires. In addition, suspended dust can increase the abnormal wear and tear of production equipment, shorten the service life of equipment, increase maintenance costs, and thus have an undeniable impact on the output and economic benefits of enterprises.

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