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Dust removal efficiency of a single pulse dust collector

Source: Official website   |   Date:2020-07-21

Single pulse dust collectorDust removal efficiency

Single pulse dust collectors, as highly efficient dust removal equipment in modern society, are more common in enterprises with severe dust or smoke emissions. The working efficiency of bag filters is related to whether the emitted smoke meets the standard, which is also a concern for users.

Bag dust collectorAt the beginning of operation, utilizing the inertial impact between fibers protruding from the non perforated area and dust particles, the physical effects of electrostatic attraction and Brownian diffusion are successfully used to intercept and capture dust. When a layer of dust is formed on the fabric, it will enter the dust through the concentrated screening effect of the dust layer. Among many modern dust pollution enterprises in China, carbide dust collectors are a commonly used dust removal equipment and also a device with a high evaluation rate. Bag filter is particularly suitable for capturing fine dust with a particle size of 1uM. In addition to having high dust removal efficiency, it also has a high dust removal effect.

The dust removal efficiency is directly proportional to the type of filter material and the conditions of bag dust removal. Generally speaking, the dust removal efficiency of new filter bags is not very ideal. However, when there are 2-3 grams per cubic meter, the dust removal efficiency will be greatly improved, basically reaching over 90%. When the dust removal efficiency reaches 150 grams per cubic meter, it can reach or exceed the dust removal efficiency.

After a period of dust removal process, some dust will be left on the cloth bag, which is commonly known as the initial layer of dust. After a period of periodic filtering of dust, the remaining dust will gradually stabilize. At this point, the dust removal effect of the bag filter will be maintained at the above level for a long time. If used properly, it can even achieve ideal dust removal effects for 100% of the workshop dust or smoke, bringing significant changes to the factory or enterprise workshop environment.

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