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Startup steps and pre coating steps of pulse dust collector

Source: Official website   |   Date:2019-04-11

Pulse dust collectorFirst startup steps and pre coating steps:

1. The first start-up is crucial because the cloth bag is clean and does not have a protective powder layer, making it susceptible to dust wear, penetration of fine sand particles, or adhesion from other substances. The flue gas during startup contains a considerable amount of water vapor and other condensable gases, and the combustion of fuel is not affected. At the beginning, the temperature of the filter material will be lower than the dew point temperature of the water vapor. Therefore, it is important to protect the filter material as much as possible before reaching a stable operating temperature. Pre spraying will cover the surface of the filter material with a layer of ash to prevent blockage caused by water vapor. During the pre spraying process, the boiler will be taken offline.

Hydrated lime or other validated pre sprayed materials with the following particle sizes are required:

75% less than 20 μ m

50% less than 15 μ m

25% less than 5 μ m

2. Open the manual adjustment valve for the air inlet.

3. Start working onPulse dust collectorPre spraying, first open the air outlet lifting valve of each room.

4. During the pre spraying process, all the cleaning timers and pulse valves in all rooms should be turned off to prevent dust removal from the filter bags.

5. Start the induced draft fan with the inlet control valve closed. When the fan is operating at a high speed, slowly open the inlet control valve to 30% to 40%, but do not let the induced draft fan operate at excessive power. Sufficient air volume (18000m3/h per room) is required to prevent pre sprayed materials from falling into the ash hopper.

6. Place the pre spraying vehicle or blower in a suitable place near the inlet duct of the dust collector, connect the pre spraying nozzle in the conveying pipe and flue on the vehicle (if any), or open the manhole door of the ash hopper.

7. Continuously moving towardsPulse dust collectorInject pre sprayed material inside until the pressure drop in each chamber reaches or exceeds 125Pa to 250Pa. It means exceeding the initial reading by 125Pa to 250Pa. Observe the speed of the airflow or fan to determine that the increase in water column between 125Pa and 250Pa is caused by pre spraying on the filter material, rather than an increase in air volume.

8. After the pre spraying is completed, stop the truck blowing system, remove the pre spraying nozzle, replace it with a pipe cap or cover the manhole door. Attention; After pre spraying, the bag cannot be cleaned of dust before fuel combustion

9. After pre spraying, the boiler and dust removal system need to be started. The combustion of fuel should start within 48 hours after pre spraying,Pulse dust collectorThe pre spraying process takes approximately one hour.

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