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How can we reduce the air leakage rate of bag filters?

Source: Official website   |   Date:2019-06-06

Bag filterIt is manually welded. Due to more or less air leakage at the welding point, the gas temperature in the bag chamber is lower than the dew point, and the filter bag will become damp, causing dust to adhere to the filter bag not loosely but sticky, blocking the fabric holes and causing dust removal failure. This leads to excessive pressure drop in the dust collector, making it impossible to continue operation, and some bags may become sticky and unable to remove dust. To prevent condensation, the temperature of the gas in the dust collector and its system must be maintained at 25-35 ℃ above its dew point to ensure the good use effect of the dust removal filter bag. The measures are as follows:

1. ReduceDust collectorAir leakage

The air leakage in the gaps of the bag filter body should be controlled below 3%. In the dust removal system, the air leakage of process equipment such as the closed ash discharge valve at the discharge port of the ball mill, the air leakage of the closed star shaped discharge device under the dust collector, and the flange connection of the pipeline should be controlled

2. Ensure insulation and rain protection for dust collectors, pipelines, and other related areas

Practice has proven that good insulation measures can make the temperature difference between the inlet and outlet of the bag filter very small, which is an effective measure to prevent condensation

3. Take appropriate heating measures

If inDust collectorEquipped with far-infrared electric heaters and electric heaters, or adding radiators in the bag room, the flue gas temperature of the host can be appropriately increased. Strengthening temperature monitoring of the dust collector and dust removal system can help grasp the usage conditions of the bag filter and prevent condensation

4. Add a raw material storage shed

In cement production, the moisture content of various raw materials, fuels, and mixtures varies. If they are placed in fixed sheds to prevent rain, the moisture content of the materials can be greatly reduced. This is an effective measure to reduce material moisture. In cement plants in southern China, this situation is relatively common, but some material sheds are too small, while others are not. ThereforeBag filterThe use of has caused certain difficulties

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