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Cyclone/pulse bag filter
  • Cyclone/pulse bag filter
  • Cyclone/pulse bag filter
Cyclone/pulse bag filter

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The central dust collection system of Hongyang Environmental Protection Technology adopts advanced electronic pulse reverse blowing design, and the filter materials are in two forms: non-woven fabric and filter element. Among them, the filter element dust collector occupies a smaller area, has high dust removal efficiency, and is easy to maintain compared to traditional bag dust collectors. The host equipment has the characteristics of compact structure, small footprint, and high dust removal efficiency.

Designed according to European industrial product standards, it meets the collection and purification of large amounts of smoke and dust generated by large-scale production and multi station operations, with safe and reliable performance and reasonable and practical design. Advanced computer digital control technology, equipped with automatic backflow dust removal device and frequency converter, and the application of offline and pressure difference control technology, realizes multi-channel and chamber backflow, provides timed and frequency based dust removal, pressure controlled dust removal reminder and other functions, energy-saving and low loss, effectively improving dust removal efficiency. Its outstanding filtering performance and advanced electronic pulse vibration dust removal method have greatly changed the current low efficiency situation of incomplete dust removal in industrial production. It is a practical and efficient dust removal product.

Strong on-site non-standard dust collection system design capabilities, advanced module design technology, customized professional fans according to on-site conditions, professional pipeline design and installation construction capabilities, enable each dust collection system design to meet the complex dust collection requirements of industrial customers.

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