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Wet dust collector
  • Wet dust collector
  • Wet dust collector
Wet dust collector

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Product details
The manufacturing cost of wet dust collectors is relatively low. The ideal dust removal method is for dust with moisture, stickiness, and irritating odors generated in industries such as chemical, spray painting, glaze spraying, and pigments. Because it can not only remove dust, but also use water to remove some odors. If it is a harmful gas (such as a small amount of sulfur dioxide, hydrochloric acid mist, etc.), an absorbent can be prepared in the washing solution to absorb it.
Wet dust collectors can effectively remove liquid or solid particles with a diameter of 0.1-20 microns from the airflow, and also remove some gaseous pollutants. It has the advantages of simple structure, small footprint, convenient operation and maintenance, and high purification efficiency. It can handle high temperature and high humidity airflow, reducing the possibility of fire and explosion to a minimum. However, when using a wet dust collector, special attention should be paid to issues such as equipment and pipeline corrosion, as well as the treatment of sewage and sludge. The wet dust removal process is also not conducive to the recovery of by-products. If the equipment is installed indoors, consideration must be given to the possibility of freezing during winter. If the efficiency of removing fine particles is also high, it is necessary to make the liquid phase more dispersed, but the energy consumption increases.
The dust collector has a high dust removal efficiency for dust with a particle size less than 5 μ m, and a service life of up to 5-8 years. The dust collector has a compact structure, occupies little space, and consumes little water. It can process 5-7 cubic meters of dusty airflow per second, covering an area of about 4 square meters and consuming about 1 ton/hour of water


Wet dust collector parameters
model power
Air inlet
Air volume
wind speed
Residual pressure
Size mm (LxWxH)
HYS-50 5.5 Φ400 5000 16-19 meters 1500 2400 * 1250 * 1500
HYS-100 11 Φ600 10000 18-23 meters 1500 3000 * 1500 * 1800
HYS-150 15 Φ800 15000 18-23 meters 1500 4000 * 3000 * 2000
HYS-200 22 Φ900 20000 16-19 meters 1500 5000 * 3000 * 3000
HYS-300 22 Φ1000 30000 16-19 meters 1500 6000 * 3000 * 3500
HYS-500 30 Φ1100 50000 16-19 meters 1500 600 * 3500 * 3500
HYS-750 37.5 Φ1200 75000 16-19 meters 1500 7000 * 4000 * 3500
HYS-1000 55 Φ1300 100000 16-19 meters 1500 7000 * 4000 * 4000
HYS-1500 75 Φ1400 150000 16-19 meters 1500 8000 * 5000 * 4000


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