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Cyclone dust collector
  • Cyclone dust collector
  • Cyclone dust collector
Cyclone dust collector

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A cyclone dust collector is composed of an intake pipe, an exhaust pipe, a cylinder, a cone, and an ash hopper. Widely used to separate solid and liquid particles from airflow, or to separate solid particles from liquids. Under normal operating conditions, the centrifugal force acting on particles is 5 to 2500 times that of gravity, so the efficiency of cyclone dust collectors is significantly higher than that of gravity settling chambers. In mechanical dust collectors, cyclone dust collectors are a type of high efficiency. It is suitable for the removal of non viscous and non fibrous dust, mostly used to remove particles larger than 5 μ m. The parallel multi tube cyclone dust collector device also has a dust removal efficiency of 80-85% for particles larger than 3 μ m. The cyclone dust collector constructed with special metal or ceramic materials that are resistant to high temperature, wear and corrosion can withstand temperatures up to 1000 ℃ and pressures up to 500&times; Operate under the condition of 105Pa. It belongs to the medium efficiency dust collector and can be used for the purification of high-temperature flue gas. It is a widely used dust collector, mainly used for boiler flue gas dust removal, multi-stage dust removal, and pre dust removal. Its main drawback is its low removal efficiency for small dust particles (<5 μ m).

Proportions between different parts of cyclone dust collector
Number project Cyclone dust collector ratio
1 Straight tube length L1=(1.5-2) D0
2 Cone length L2=(2-2.5) D0
3 Outlet diameter DC=(0.3~0.5) D0
4 Entrance height H=(0.4~0.5) D0
5 Entrance width BC=(0.2~0.25) D0
6 Dust outlet diameter Dd=(0.15-0.4) D0
7 Inner cylinder length L=(0.3-0.75) D0
8 Inner cylinder diameter Dn=(0.3~0.4) D0
Calculation results of cyclone dust removal
Particle size range/μ mm Average particle size/μ m Distribution rate/% Grading efficiency/%
0-5 2.5 2 22.5
5-20 12.5 6 100
20-50 35 17 100
50-100 75 28 100
100~500 300 36 100
Ten 500 500 11 100

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