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Recommendation for industrial dust removal equipment

Source: Official website   |   Date:2019-11-02

In industrial production, a large amount of dust is often generated, and with the strict implementation of environmental protection laws, industrial producers are required to equip corresponding equipmentDust removal equipmentAnd with so many dust removal equipment, how should factories choose? Below is a recommended one for everyone.

Dongguan Hongyang Environmental Protection Technology Co., LtdEstablished in 2006, mainly engaged in central air conditioning engineering, exhaust gas treatment engineering, central dust collection systems

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And the design, construction, and maintenance of ventilation and cooling projects in the factory building. We currently have professional production and nearly 40 sets of construction equipment. The company has 4 professional technical engineers and nearly 80 technical workers, and has formed strategic partnerships with multiple research and design institutes. The company has absorbed advanced domestic purification technology and combined it with domestic engineering practice to form a unique equipment process, design concept, construction measures, and quality assurance system. Especially in the field of waste gas purification treatment and related engineering, it enjoys a high reputation. The engineering and products of plastic materials such as PP and PVC have considerable strength, and we have our unique technical level for related projects in electroplating factories and circuit board factories.

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