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Classification of vacuum industrial vacuum cleaners

Source: Official website   |   Date:2019-11-12

Vacuum cleanerIt is a household appliance that uses the negative pressure caused by high-speed fans during strong suction to remove dust and dirt. It is an ideal tool for people to clean up in modern life.

Vacuum cleaners have a wide range of applications. In places such as homes, hotels, schools, shops, libraries, laboratories, etc., as long as different vacuum nozzles are replaced, they can be used to remove dust from carpets, floors, walls, sofas, bookshelves, display windows, instruments, clothes, etc. In addition to being used as indoor cleaning equipment, vacuum cleaners can also be designed as small portable vacuum cleaners, used as cleaning tools for small sleeper cars, large trucks, and large cars. Large vacuum cleaners can also be used in conjunction with power machinery to remove sawdust, shavings, iron filings, etc.


2. Classification

According to usage, there are:
① Floor standing vacuum cleaner: This type of vacuum cleaner is generally placed on the ground for mobile use. According to the installation method of the motor, it can be divided into two types: vertical and horizontal. The former is installed vertically, while the latter is installed horizontally;
② Handheld vacuum cleaner: It is a small vacuum cleaner that can be held in the hand or carried on the shoulder, making it flexible and convenient to use.
According to the place of use, there are:
① Ordinary vacuum cleaner: It is a universal vacuum cleaner equipped with various shapes of vacuum nozzles. Different vacuum nozzles can be used to clean floors, carpets, walls, furniture, etc;
② Carpet specific vacuum cleaner: This type of vacuum cleaner is equipped with a brush on the suction nozzle, which can brush up dust and dirt on the carpet and suck them into the dust collection bag through a pipeline. In addition, there is a suction adjustment device;
③ Car vacuum cleaner: This type of vacuum cleaner is suitable for removing dust and debris from seats and carriages in cars and trains. The motor uses a DC 12V or 24V power supply;
④ Workshop specific vacuum cleaner: This type of vacuum cleaner has a high power and a large dust collection room, used to remove waste cotton yarn from the textile factory workshop and iron filings from the interior of the metalworking workshop. The dust filter is often composed of several metal filter screens arranged alternately;
Special vacuum cleaner for machine toolsUsed to remove dust and chips generated during the cutting process, the cutting point of the machine tool is connected to the vacuum cleaner with a pipe;
⑥ Animal vacuum cleaner: used to remove dirt from the fur of livestock, and also has a massage function;
⑦ Blackboard eraser vacuum cleaner: Combining the blackboard eraser with the vacuum cleaner to prevent dust from flying when cleaning the blackboard.
Classified by the nature of dust absorption and removal:
Dry vacuum cleaner: Used to remove dry dust;
Wet vacuum cleanerIt can also be divided into two types: water absorbing and oil absorbing. The former is suitable for suction and removal of sewage, detergent, etc; The latter is suitable for absorbing waste oil and other pollutants from machine tools.
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