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What are the advantages of the central dust removal system

Source: Official website   |   Date:2019-01-22

In recent years, due to the deterioration of air caused by car exhaust and the extensive use of chemicals in daily life, living environments have been facing the invasion of bacteria and harmful substances. According to investigations and monitoring, small particulate matter pollution in the air is the main cause of outbreaks of epidemics and infectious diseases. In indoor environments, due to the small size of dust particles, some even float mainly in the air, making it difficult to clean with traditional cleaning tools.Portable vacuum cleanerIt will also generate secondary pollution, further enhancing indoor pollution by releasing small particles from the air into the air.

Therefore,Central dust removal systemEmerging as the times require, it applies suction devices installed on wallspipelineIt can timely eliminate indoor dust and harmful substances adsorbed on dust. In the Americas, the central dust removal system is also known as the central dust-free system, which is considered a necessary procedure for upgrading new and existing residential buildings. At the same time, the central dust removal system has been proven to reduce the incidence of prevalent diseases and allergies.

The central dust removal system is also known as the central vacuum system. It mainly consists of a vacuum cleaner host, vacuum pipes, vacuum sockets, and vacuum components. The vacuum cleaner is placed outdoors or in the machine room, balcony, garage, and equipment room of the building. The host is connected to each room's vacuum outlet through a vacuum pipe embedded in the wall, leaving only a vacuum outlet the size of a regular power socket outside the wall. During cleaning work, a longer hose is inserted into the vacuum outlet, and dust, paper scraps, cigarette butts, debris, and harmful gases are tightly sealed in the vacuum pipe to suck dust into the garbage bag of the vacuum cleaner host. Anyone can clean all or part of it at any time, with simple and convenient operation, preventing secondary pollution and noise pollution caused by dust, and ensuring a clean indoor environment.

The central dust removal method sucks the dust completely into the outdoor dust collection bucket through the dust suction port in the room. Due to the fully enclosed condition of the pipeline, dust is isolated from the indoor environment during the delivery process and will not form secondary pollution. The traditional dust removal method mainly involves filtering to remove dust. Due to its ability to filter only larger particles, after long-term research by American scholars, smaller particles (less than 7 microns) account for 70% of the total amount of dust, and a large number of bacteria adhere to small particles. Regular vacuum cleaning can cause dust and bacteria to resurface, posing a serious health hazard - an invisible killer.

Central dust removal systemIt is a system engineering project that cannot be directly purchased from a shopping mall like ordinary products. Due to the fact that its products cannot be used immediately after purchase, they must undergo professional design and installation in order to have good application effects. Therefore, it is necessary to book a professional designer to come and measure the detailed situation on site, calculate various data, and then come up with a reasonable opinion. Then purchase and install according to my own situation.

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