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Working principle of industrial dust removal equipment

Source: Official website   |   Date:2019-02-27

The equipment that separates industrial dust from flue gas is calledIndustrial dust collectorOr industrial dust removal equipment. The equipment mainly used for dust treatment nowadays includes bag dust collectors, filter cartridge dust collectors, and electrostatic precipitators. Let's talk about its specific working principle below.
Bag dust removal
This dust collector mainly consists of an ash hopper, a filter chamber, a clean air chamber, a bracket, a lifting valve, a spray cleaning device, and other parts. During work, dusty gases enter the ash hopper through the air duct. Due to the influence of gravity, large particles of dust directly fall into the bottom of the ash hopper. Smaller particles enter the filter chamber with the airflow turning upwards and are blocked on the outer surface of the filter bag. Purified smoke enters the bag and enters through the filter bag opening and the clean air chamber. Then, the clean air is discharged through the action of a fan.
As the working time of the equipment continues to increase, more and more dust passes through the filter bag, resulting in an increase in the resistance load on the filter bag. At this time, pulse back blowing is used to remove the dust attached to the filter bag.
Such cyclic alternation keeps the working efficiency of the filter bag unchanged, so that the dust passing through the dust collector can meet the emission standards.
Filter cartridge dust collector
From a certain principle, the working principle of filter cartridge dust collector and bag dust collector is the same. The only difference is three points.

(1) The filtering accuracy is different, and the filtering accuracy of cloth bags is generally 0. Within 5~1um. The filtration accuracy of the filter cartridge can reach 0. 2um

(2) The maintenance of the equipment is different, and the maintenance of the filter cartridge dust collector is much more convenient than the maintenance of the cloth bag. Generally, if the air volume is the sameDust removal equipmentThe maintenance of the filter cartridge takes 1 day, and the shortage of the cloth bag takes 3 days.
Electrostatic dust removal
The working principle of an electrostatic precipitator is that when the dusty gas passes through a high-voltage electrostatic field, it is electrically separated. After the dust particles combine with negative ions and carry negative charges, they discharge towards the anode surface and deposit. Used in industries such as metallurgy and chemistry to purify gases or recover useful dust particles. A dust collection method that utilizes an electrostatic field to ionize gas and charge dust particles to adsorb onto electrodes. In a strong electric field, air molecules are ionized into positive ions and electrons. During the process of electrons running towards the positive electrode, they encounter dust particles, which are negatively charged and adsorb onto the positive electrode for collection. Commonly used in factories and power plants that use coal as fuel to collect coal ash and dust from flue gas. Used in metallurgy to collect oxides such as tin, zinc, lead, and aluminum. And static electricityDust collectorThe high filtration static electricity can reach 0. 02um, with a temperature of 400-500 degrees Celsius. These two points have always been out of reach of the bag and filter cartridge.

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