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Solution when the pulse bag filter is damaged. How much do you know?

Source: Official website   |   Date:2019-04-26

Pulse bag filter is a new type of high-efficiency pulse filter that is improved on the basis of bag filterBag filter. When a small part of the dust removal bag is damaged, an old bag or a new filter cloth of the same material can be used to repair the hole. So, how should the bag pulse dust collector be repaired when it is damaged? Below is a detailed introduction for everyone:

1. The renovation of the injection system is costly and time-consuming, and cannot be completed within the normal maintenance period. After research, it was decided to add a protective sheath inside the cloth bag. This method is simple and easy to operate, and the cost is relatively low.

2. Control the pressure of compressed air by reverse blowing, which can remove the dust on the cloth bag. If the pressure is too high, it will affect the service life of the cloth bag. It can be observed through observationDust collectorAdjust the pressure difference between import and export. To reduce the force of spraying and minimize the wear of the cloth bag.

2、 Lift valve tripped due to insufficient compressed air

There are two main reasons for this

1. The oil-water separator between the air storage tank and the lifting valve is clogged with the filter element due to dirty compressed air;

2. After prolonged operation of the lifting valve, the sealing components wear out, causing compressed air leakage and insufficient gas supply.

Solution measures

1. Add a set of oil-water separators, one on and one on standby. When the filter element is found to be dirty, it can be replaced with another set and the dirty set can be cleaned;

2. In addition to timely replacing the seal of the lifting valve, the following measures should also be taken: each lifting valve can operate within the specified time, and the pressure should not be too high, otherwise it is easy to aging the cylinder seal. When the leakage point increases, the gas supply pressure can be appropriately increased; Ensure that the oil-water separator supplies oil at a speed that is not too low to prevent oil loss. In addition, add a certain amount of lubricating grease to the valve stem of the lifting cylinder.

The dust collector can operate under negative or positive pressure, and its main structure remains unchanged. If used in cold areas or when the flue gas is below zero, an insulation heating device needs to be added, and the shell must also undergo phase strain.Dust collectorComposed of a chain transmission device and a switching pulsation valve, it uses a high-pressure fan to blow back and clean the ash, which is not limited by gas source conditions. It uses resistance to automatically control the blow back and clean the ash, saving energy and extending the lifespanDust removal filter bagIt can be installed indoors in cold areas and outdoors in other areas, and can be widely used in many departments such as machinery, casting, mining, smelting, building materials, grain and chemical industry.

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