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UV photolysis deodorization equipment
  • UV photolysis deodorization equipment
  • UV photolysis deodorization equipment
UV photolysis deodorization equipment

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This product generates high magnetism and high voltage ionization absorption through a high-voltage power supply, and emits high magnetization UV light into the interior of the equipment through a high magnetic emitter to generate ultraviolet light and ozone to decompose foul smelling gases, changing the molecular chain structure of foul smelling gases such as ammonia, trimethylamine, hydrogen sulfide, methyl sulfide, dimethyl disulfide, carbon disulfide, and styrene, sulfides H2S, VOCs, benzene series, benzene, xylene, styrene, acetone, butanone, ethyl acetate, formaldehyde, acetaldehyde, ethyl acetate, styrene, alkanes, alkynes, olefins, aromatics, phenols, hydrogen sulfide, thiols, sulfides, ammonia, amines, indoles, and nitro groups, making organic or Inorganic polymer odorous compound molecular chains degrade and transform into low molecular compounds such as CO2, H2O, etc. under high-energy ultraviolet beam irradiation.
Firstly, using ultra strong and high magnetic convection to rapidly decompose and shorten organic or inorganic waste gases, and then using high-energy and high ozone UV beams to decompose oxygen molecules in the air to produce free oxygen, also known as reactive oxygen. Due to the imbalance of positive and negative electrons carried by free oxygen, it needs to combine with oxygen molecules to produce ozone. Afterwards, sufficient oxygen ions are produced through an ozone generator to oxidize the exhaust gas, achieving the effect of generating carbon dioxide and water from the exhaust gas. Organic waste gas → Convective high magnetic photolysis and high-pressure electrolysis of O2 → O-O * (reactive oxygen species) OO2 → O3 → CO2H2O (standard emissions). It is well known that ozone has a strong oxidizing effect on organic matter, and has an immediate effect on removing foul gases and other irritating odors
After the foul smelling gas is input into the purification equipment through exhaust equipment, the purification equipment uses high-energy UV ultraviolet beams and ozone to synergistically decompose and oxidize the foul smelling gas, causing it to degrade and transform into low molecular weight compounds, water, and carbon dioxide. It is then discharged outdoors through exhaust pipes.
By using high-energy UV beams to break down the molecular bonds of bacteria in foul smelling gases, the nucleic acid (DNA) of bacteria is destroyed, and then ozone is used for oxidation reaction, completely achieving the goal of deodorization and killing bacteria.

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