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Why pulse dust collectors are selling so quickly in the market

Source: Official website   |   Date:2017-11-17

In the industrial market, the sales volume of pulse dust collectors is very high. Not only are pulse dust collectors widely used, but they are mainly characterized by high dust removal efficiency, stable operation, and convenient maintenance. Let's take a closer look below!

1. Stable operation and strong adaptability

The pulse bag filter has a high dust removal efficiency (>99.99%) and can filter sub micron sized dust particles. Its filtration performance is not affected by the properties of gas and dust.

2. Not affected by CO concentration

Due to the discharge inside the electrostatic precipitator causing carbon monoxide explosion, explosion-proof devices should be installed inside the precipitator. When the CO content exceeds a certain value, the explosion-proof device will automatically cut off the power supply, allowing high concentration dusty gas to be directly discharged into the atmosphere. The pulse bag filter, on the other hand, has no discharge problem and can operate continuously even under high CO conditions.

3. Easy to maintain

Due to the presence of many chambers in the pulse bag filter, one chamber can be closed and maintained in isolation, with minimal impact on the process. Electrostatic precipitators are generally not designed as independent rooms. Pulse bag dust collectors do not emit excessive emissions due to grinding stoppage. Usually, all kiln exhaust gas passes through the raw material mill before entering the dust collector. When grinding is stopped, the kiln exhaust gas directly enters the dust collector. At this time, the temperature, dust characteristics, and moisture content of the exhaust gas will change, which often leads to higher dust emissions from the electrostatic precipitator until the process is stable.

4. No need to set up a sprinkler system and consume water

The moisture in the gas is usually not crucial for pulse bag filters, but extremely important for electrostatic precipitators. Therefore, pulse bag filters do not require investment and operating costs of water spraying systems. Pulse bag filter has more options when reducing emissions in the later stage, because it has the advantage of using newly developed filter bags and does not require the basic structure of the dust collector to be modified.

5. With the advancement of pulse bag filter technology, especially the emergence of new filter materials, the application range of pulse bag filter has become more extensive.

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