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Summer is here, how can we improve the dust removal efficiency of boiler dust collectors

Source: Official website   |   Date:2018-05-05

The hot summer has arrived,Dust collectorDue to being installed outdoors and going through the cold winter season, as well as rainy and snowy weather, the boiler dust collector in winter may experience condensation problems. The heat in summer can increase the heat of the dust collector, and if not maintained, it may cause explosions.

Excessive filtration speed will increase the dust discharge rate. Excessive filtration gas speed will cause the initial dust layer to break and the dust to impact the dust removal filter bag, causing excessive wear. If the filter bag is cleaned too many times at this time, it is easy to cause the fabric of the filter bag to loosen, which will lead to excessive emissions from the dust collector.

To solve this problem, the following points need to be noted:;

1Bag dust collectorDuring use, it is important to carefully choose a bag filter. Before designing, it is important to understand the object of dust removal and gain a comprehensive understanding of the properties, concentration, humidity, temperature, and particle size distribution of dusty gases. Especially for flammable and explosive dusty gases, it is important to carefully choose a suitable bag filter.

2. Consider explosion-proof measures for gas dust removal treatment containing explosive dust. When redesigning, explosion-proof measures should be taken into consideration, such as setting a gravity or plate type explosion-proof door in front of the bag filter, setting a metal mesh or gravel flame arrester before entering the bag filter to prevent flames from entering the pipeline, and selecting explosion-proof fans.

3. Reasonable design of flow rate in the use of bag filter is necessary. When designing combustible gas pipelines, the gas flow rate must be small and the flow rate must be greater than the flame propagation speed during combustion to prevent flame propagation.

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