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Manufacturer of pulse dust collector and single machine dust collector - Dongguan Hongyang Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd

Source: Official website   |   Date:2018-05-05

Dongguan Hongyang Environmental Protection Technology Co., LtdWe are a professional manufacturer of pulse dust collectors and single machine dust collectors. Speaking of pulse dust collectors, we are not unfamiliar with them. They are dust removal equipment for air pollution control.

What about a standalone dust collector? The dust removal efficiency is very good, but its small size is only suitable for installation in small industrial plants. Let's take a closer look together below;

The characteristics of pulse dust collectors:

1. The pulse bag filter adopts the technology of chamber stop air pulse jet cleaning, which overcomes the shortcomings of conventional pulse dust collectors and chamber backflow dust collectors. It has strong cleaning ability, high dust removal efficiency, low emission concentration, low air leakage rate, low energy consumption, low steel consumption, small footprint, stable and reliable operation, and good economic benefits. Suitable for the purification of dusty gases and material recovery in industries such as metallurgy, building materials, cement, machinery, chemical engineering, power, and light industry.

2. Due to the use of chamber stop pulse jet cleaning, which can achieve the purpose of cleaning with only one injection, the cleaning cycle is extended, reducing the energy consumption of cleaning and greatly reducing the consumption of compressed air. Meanwhile,Filter bagRelated toPulse valveThe degree of fatigue is correspondingly reduced, thereby doubling the lifespan of the filter bag and valve plate.

3. Maintenance and bag replacement can be carried out in separate rooms without stopping the system fan and under normal operating conditions of the system. The opening of the filter bag adopts an elastic expansion ring, which has good sealing performance and is firm and reliable. The filter bag keel adopts a polygonal shape, reducing the friction between the bag and the cage bone, extending the life of the bag, and making it easy to unload the bag.

4. Adopting the upper bag extraction method, when changing bags, the bag cage is pulled out, and the dirty bag is put into the lower ash hopper of the box, which is taken out from the manhole, improving the operating conditions for changing bags.

5. The box adopts an airtight design with good sealing performance. The inspection door is made of excellent sealing materials, and kerosene is used to detect leaks during the production process, resulting in a low air leakage rate.

6. The layout of the inlet and outlet air ducts is compact, with low airflow resistance.

The characteristics of a single machine dust collector:

A single machine dust collector is an air purification equipment with small volume and high dust removal efficiency. Suitable for various independent dust production points, flexible and convenient, on-site dust collection and treatment can effectively ensure the cleanliness of the air. The basic structure consists of a dust removal box, a centrifugal fan, a filter bag (cylinder), a dust collector, and a microcomputer controller. The dust is sucked into the dust removal box by the negative pressure of the fan through the suction pipeline, and is first filtered by the filter through gravity and upward airflow. The coarse particle dust is directly lowered to the dust collector, and the particulate dust is captured on the outer surface by the filter. The clean gas is filtered, decomposed, and purified by the filter element before flowing into the clean room, and then discharged from the air outlet by the fan. The entire dust removal and filtration process is the result of a comprehensive effect of gravity, inertial force, collision, electrostatic adsorption, and screening.

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