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Working principle of electric bag composite dust collector

Source: Official website   |   Date:2019-08-10

Electric bag compositeDust collectorThe working principle of the dust containing gas is that, under the action of the induced draft fan, it first enters the flue gas pretreatment room. In the pretreatment room, the high-temperature gas is cooled to remove sparks, the high specific resistance dust is treated with resistance reduction, and the excessively dry flue gas is humidified appropriately (the humidity should be ≤ 10% to reduce secondary dust).

The processed flue gas enters the high-voltage electric field uniformly through the airflow distribution device. In the high-voltage electric field, the dust particles are charged and deviate from the main airflow direction under the action of the electric field force, tending towards the dust collection electrode and being captured by the dust collection electrode. After a period of time, the dust on the dust collection electrode accumulates, and the vibration signal is sent out by the vibration controller. Through high-frequency vibration, the dust falls into the ash hopper, and 80% to 90% of the dust is partially collected by the electric dust collection; After leveraging the advantages of electrostatic precipitators that can collect 80% to 90% of dust, the gas after high-pressure electrostatic precipitator enters the inlet chamber of the bag filter through the guiding device, passes through the bag from outside to inside, and the dust particles are trapped on the outside of the bag to purify the gas again. The dust outside the filter bag is cleaned through the designed timed or fixed resistance cleaning program. Clean gas enters the exhaust chamber through a cloth bag and is discharged into the atmosphere through a fan through a pipeline.









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