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Explanation of the technical characteristics of pulse dust collectors

Source: Official website   |   Date:2019-08-24

Dust removal equipment boxIt is the outer garment of a dust collector, and its maintenance and repair cannot be ignored. Pay attention to tightening loose screws at all times, seal the leaking parts, especially inspection doors, observation holes, and movable doors such as upper cover plates. The packing and sealing rings of the covers should be kept tight. If aging or damage is found and the sealing effect of the packing is lost, it should be replaced in a timely manner. For areas where pulse dust removal equipment has been used for a long time or paint has peeled off, oil should be promptly applied to prevent rusting of the casing.
Pulse dust removal equipmentMainly used to control particles with a particle size of about 1 μ m. When the particle size of dusty gas is 5 μ m, secondary dust removal is preferred. The concentration range of smoke and dust is large, ranging from tens of milligrams per cubic meter to tens or even hundreds of grams. Not suitable for purifying oil mist, water mist, and highly adhesive dust. The processing air volume can range from less than 200 ㎡/h to millions of cubic meters per hour. When used for a long time, the temperature should be limited to below 280 ℃. When the temperature of dusty gas is too high, cooling measures need to be taken. When the dust concentration at the inlet is too high, a pre dust removal device should be installed. The dust removal efficiency of pulse dust collectors is 99.99%, which is currently the most efficient dust collector and widely used in fields such as power, coal, metallurgy, and construction.
Pulse dust collectorDust removal characteristics:
1. Using CD4600 long bag Low pressure pulse bag filterThis equipment is a new type of bag type dust removal equipment, which has the characteristics of strong dust removal ability, low equipment resistance, small footprint, less maintenance workload, and convenient bag replacement. After nearly 20 years of improvement and enhancement, technological innovation and breakthroughs have been made in the structure, spraying technology, microcomputer control and other aspects of dust collectors, achieving the goals of low resistance, low energy consumption, high efficiency, safety, and economic reliability of bag filters. They have now been widely used in various industries.
2. The various components of the spraying device have excellent aerodynamic characteristics. Therefore, it has a strong ability to clean dust, and can still achieve good cleaning results for fine particles and difficult to clean dust under lower injection pressure.
3. Easy way to fix the filter bag: The filter bag is embedded on the flower board with an elastic expansion ring sewn on the bag mouth, which not only has a good sealing effect, but also is easy to disassemble and reduce the contact between maintenance personnel and the dirty bag.

4. The pulse dust collector adopts a new structure, which has advantages such as beautiful appearance, high strength, and low resistance.

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