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Application and principle of activated carbon processor

Source: Official website   |   Date:2019-08-24

Activated carbon processorMain use:
&Middle; Purification of tap water, industrial water, electroplating wastewater, purified water, beverages, food, pharmaceutical water, and preparation of electronic ultrapure water.
&Middle; Bleaching, refining, and purification filtration of sucrose, xylose, monosodium glutamate, pharmaceuticals, citric acid, chemical products, and food additives
&Middle; The decolorization, impurity removal, deodorization, purification, deodorization, and impurity removal of fats, oils, gasoline, and diesel, as well as alcohol and beverages
&Middle; Purification, refining, decolorization, and filtration of products in fine chemical, pharmaceutical, and biopharmaceutical processes.
&Middle; Purification, decolorization, deodorization, and COD reduction of environmental engineering wastewater and domestic wastewater
&Middle; Adsorption and recovery of organic solvents such as benzene, toluene, xylene, acetone, oil and gas, and CS2.
&Middle; Cigarette filters, odor removal during decoration, indoor air purification (removal of formaldehyde, benzene, etc.), industrial gas purification (such as CO2, N2, etc.)
&Middle; Production, natural gas purification, desulfurization, deodorization, and waste gas treatment in the petrochemical industry
&Middle; Air purification and deodorization in biochemical, paint industry, underground places, leather factories, and animal husbandry facilities.
&Middle; The odor adsorption and sulfide adsorption of flue gas, the removal of mercury vapor, and the reduction of dioxin generation.
&Middle; Catalysts and catalyst carriers (palladium carbon catalyst, ruthenium carbon catalyst, rhodium carbon catalyst, platinum carbon catalyst), precious metal catalyst, synthetic diamond, gold extraction, automotive carbon canister, high-performance fuel cell, double-layer supercapacitor.

Activated carbon processorAdsorption principle:
Activated carbon is a type of microcrystalline carbon material mainly made of carbon containing materials with a black appearance, well-developed internal pore structure, large specific surface area, and strong adsorption capacity.High quality activated carbonThere are a large number of invisible micropores in activated carbon materials, and the micropores in 1 gram of activated carbon material can have a surface area of up to 800-1500 square meters after unfolding, which is even higher for special purposes. That is to say, in a rice sized activated carbon particle, the internal surface area of the micropores may be equivalent to the size of a living room area. It is precisely these highly developed pore structures, like human capillaries, that give activated carbon excellent adsorption performance. The force of mutual adsorption between molecules, also known as van der Waals attraction. Although the speed of molecular motion is influenced by factors such as temperature and material, it always moves continuously in the microenvironment. Due to the attractive forces between molecules, when a molecule is captured by the pores of activated carbon and enters the pores, due to the mutual attraction between molecules, more molecules will continue to be attracted until the pores of activated carbon are filled.

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