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Advantages of Activated Carbon Tower Waste Gas Treatment Equipment

Source: Official website   |   Date:2019-09-07

Activated carbon towerIt is a purification equipment with good treatment effect for organic waste gas and odor.activated carbon adsorptionIt is an effective measure to remove the odor of water, natural and synthetic dissolved organic matter, and micro pollutants. Most of the larger organic molecules, aromatic compounds, halogenated alkynes, etc. can be firmly adsorbed on the surface or pores of activated carbon, and have a significant removal effect on humus, synthetic organic matter, and low molecular weight organic matter. Activated carbon adsorption, as a deep purification process, is commonly used for the final treatment of wastewater and can also be used for the purification treatment of long-term production and domestic water. When there is a high amount of dust and particulate matter, the activated carbon adsorption device can simultaneously work with the water curtain machine and water spray towerUVPlasma can be used together to achieve emission standards for exhaust gas purification.

① The chemical waste gas treatment equipment adopts professional technology, with fast and convenient installation and low energy consumption! Low operating costs!  
② The installation of the equipment does not require adjusting the exhaust air volume, and can be installed during the operation of the equipment.  
③ The equipment is designed for riot prevention, gas phase, and water solubility, and the ultra-fine purifier is not charged; A control system powered by imported high-quality high-pressure main engine. A complete set of deodorizing working solution that is directly absorbed by ultrafine atomization spraying and overlapping absorption  Fully automatic exhaust gas purification equipment.  
④ The chemical waste gas treatment equipment atomizes the specialized deodorant into ultra-fine particles and fully interacts with the waste gas molecules in the form of molecules, resulting in high absorption efficiency, fast purification speed, and low wind resistance; Quickly remove organic odor molecules.  
⑤ Low product cost; The operating cost is one tenth of that of traditional purification equipment.  
   Chemical waste gas treatment equipmentThe purification effect of exhaust gas:  
The emission concentrations of nitrogen oxides, sulfuric acid mist, hydrogen chloride, hydrogen fluoride, hydrogen sulfide, sulfur dioxide and other waste gases are lower than the limit values of the pollution source secondary emission standard specified in the Comprehensive Emission Standards for Air Pollutants; The reduction rate of excessive emissions is greater than 80%, and there is basically no odor around the exhaust port. The odor concentration meets the national second level emission standard.

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