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How to quickly replace dust removal bags for dust collectors

Source: Official website   |   Date:2019-09-12

In general,Dust collectorThe dust removal bag gradually wears out, and the main reason for the wear of the dust removal bag is the grinding force of the dust. In addition, there are also reasons for the deterioration of the filter material caused by high temperature and the corrosion of chemical substances.

When the grinding force of dust is very strong or the dust accumulates to a certain extent, the bottom of the dust removal bag will wear very severely. In addition, the increase in filtration speed will also lead to accelerated wear of the dust removal bag.




After the dust removal bag is damaged, the dust collector should be replaced as soon as possible to avoid accelerating the scrapping of the dust collector. However, if the dust removal bag only has a small hole, it is not necessary to completely replace the dust removal bag. Instead, an old dust removal bag can be used to make up for it and continue to use.

However, if there is a large area of damage to the dust removal bag, it must be completely replaced.

When replacing the dust removal bag for the dust collector, the dust removal equipment should be stopped first, then the dust removal controller should be closed, and the top manhole door should be opened to remove the dust removal bag. When taking out the dust removal bag, first remove the bag cage, then pinch the spring ring at the mouth of the dust removal bag into a concave shape and pull out the damaged dust removal bag upwards.

Before installing a new dust removal bag, it is necessary to clean up the dust that has fallen from the flower board hole before proceeding with the installation of the new bag.

Installing dust removal bags can be said to be a meticulous and patient part of all processes. When placing dust removal bags, be careful not to bump or scratch them with sharp objects. Even a small scratch can shorten the service life of the dust removal bag.

So when installing the dust removal bag, it is necessary to first place the dust removal bag into the dust removal bag room through the flower plate hole of the box, and then pinch the spring ring at the mouth of the dust removal bag into a concave shape and carefully place it into the flower hole plate of the box. Then restore the spring coil to its original state, so that it can be tightly pressed on the circumference of the flower hole. Then, gently insert the bag cage from the dust removal cloth bag opening until the upper cover of the bag cage is exactly pressed on the flower plate hole inside the box.

To ensure safety, it is necessary to install the next dust removal bag after installing one.

The above is how to quickly provideBag dust collectorThe method of replacing dust removal bags is hoped to be helpful to everyone

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