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Factors to consider when selecting industrial dust collectors

Source: Official website   |   Date:2019-09-30

Industrial dust collectorWhat factors need to be considered in the selection of
Firstly, it is necessary to consider the physicochemical properties of the gas purified by industrial dust collectors, such as chemical composition, temperature, moisture content, processing capacity, dust concentration, corrosiveness, etc.
Secondly, the physical and chemical properties of the dust carried in the gas treated by the dust collector, such as chemical composition, specific gravity, particle size, specific resistance, corrosiveness, hydrophilicity, adhesion, explosiveness, etc.
Thirdly, there are requirements for the allowable dust concentration and dust treatment of the purified gas.
Fourthly, the specific situation of the installation site, as well as the supply, drainage, and power supply, as well as the level of installation and management.
These four factors are issues that should be considered when choosing industrial dust collector equipment, but for certain equipment, there is a bias. For example, wet dust collectors should focus on understanding the characteristics of dust adhesion, hydrophilicity, corrosiveness, and whether chemical changes and scaling can occur when encountering water. For dry gravity, inertia, centrifugal and other dust collectors, emphasis should be placed on understanding the specific gravity, particle size, adhesion, gas moisture content, etc. For bag type dust collectors, gas humidity, dust adhesion, chemical corrosiveness, etc., and for dry electrostatic precipitators, emphasis should be placed on studying the specific resistance, adhesion, gas temperature, etc. of dust.
Industrial dust collector is a dry dust filtering device. It is suitable for capturing small, dry, and non fibrous dust. Filter bags are generally made of textile filter cloth or non-woven felt materials, and use the filtering characteristics of fiber fabrics to filter dusty gases. After the dust containing gas enters the dust removal device, the dust particles with large particle size and high density naturally settle into the ash hopper under the action of gravity. When the gas containing finer dust passes through the filter material, the dust is captured and retained by the filter material, achieving gas-solid separation and purifying the gas.
Industrial dust collector is one of the common filtration equipment for treating dust pollutants generated in modern industrial production. Especially suitable for production processes with high air volume, high concentration, continuous production operations, and continuous emissions. It is the choice for dust control and purification collection devices in many industries such as metal smelting, coal-fired boilers, cement manufacturing, wood furniture, chemical medicine, electronic plastics, etc.
The industrial dust collector adopts a combination design of box units, with a reasonable and compact structure and easy installation. The industrial dust collector is stable after operation, easy to operate and safe, with pressure difference automatic control for back blowing and cleaning, and significant filtration effect. In response to the special flammability properties of some dust particles, which may result in highly destructive explosion hazards under specific conditions, the system adopts explosion-proof standard design specifications. A series of safety measures such as explosion-proof and explosion-proof devices, continuous dust cleaning devices, and lightning protection and anti-static measures can be set up according to regulatory requirements. Ensure safe production at dust work sites and usage areas.
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