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How to choose an industrial vacuum cleaner in a factory workshop?

Source: Official website   |   Date:2019-10-19

Choose a suitable working environment for oneself Industrial vacuum cleanerThere is actually a certain level of attention to detail. Some people will choose industrial vacuum cleaners that are cheap, while others directly believe that imported ones are good. In fact, these are all one-sided, and we should change our mindset. For industrial vacuum cleaners, what meets our operational needs is what is applicable!
The use of industrial vacuum cleaners in industrial production can be simply divided into general cleaning and production auxiliary use. As a general cleaning vacuum cleaner, the requirements for the machine are not high, and ordinary small vacuum cleaners can handle it. However, as a production auxiliary use industrial vacuum cleaner, the requirements for the vacuum cleaner are relatively high, such as the continuous operation of the motor for a long time, the filter system cannot be blocked, whether explosion-proof is required, high precision requirements for the filter system, and the use of multiple ports in one machine. To meet these requirements, professional industrial vacuum cleaners need to be selected. Industrial vacuum cleaners cannot solve all industrial usage problems with just a few models, but rather choose models that are more suitable for solving current problems according to different industries and production conditions.
We can choose based on the following points:
(1) Based on the level of the environment, determine whether to use a dedicated industrial vacuum cleaner for clean rooms.
(2) Determine whether to use high-power industrial vacuum cleaners and high-capacity industrial vacuum cleaners based on the specific gravity and quantity of dust.
(3) Based on the dust situation, determine whether to use a dry industrial vacuum cleaner or a wet dry industrial vacuum cleaner.
(4) Based on the frequency of customer use, determine the working time of the machine and see if an industrial vacuum cleaner that can work continuously for 24 hours is selected.
(5) Choose a suitable supplier, choose a professional manufacturer or seller of cleaning equipment, because manufacturers specializing in industrial vacuum cleaners for cleaning equipment have price advantages, and spare parts and after-sales service can also be guaranteed.
(6) Product quality comparison
a、 Suction, suction is the main technical indicator of industrial vacuum cleaners. If the suction is not enough, it is difficult to achieve our goal of collecting dust and purifying the air.
b、 Filtering, with high precision, indicates that the machine will not produce secondary pollution when absorbing fine powder.
c、 Workmanship, durable structure, compact components, and excellent workmanship can all affect the effectiveness of use.

d、 Flexibility and convenience of operation.




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