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Maintenance and cleaning of industrial vacuum cleaners

Source: Official website   |   Date:2019-10-19

Industrial vacuum cleanerThe principle of industrial vacuum cleaners is actually similar to that of household vacuum cleaners, but industrial vacuum cleaners must be cleaned after use to improve their service life due to their higher environmental power and other factors. How to maintain industrial vacuum cleaners has become a significant issue.
Most industrial vacuum cleaners use 380V electricity as the power source and can work continuously for 24 hours. Industrial vacuum cleaners can perform multiple filters, with different design configurations that can perform different filters and adopt different filtering structures and methods. The shell is sturdy and durable, using electrostatic spraying, beautiful and durable. The unique design makes the movement and dumping of the collection box very convenient.
Manual cleaning method for industrial vacuum cleaners: Manual cleaning of filters for industrial vacuum cleaners is a commonly used mode in most low-end industrial vacuum cleaners today. Due to the inability of cleaning personnel to accurately determine the amount of dust on the surface of the filter bag or filter cartridge, it is not possible to clean the filter at an accurate time. Whether the time is early or late, it will directly affect the normal operation of vacuum cleaning.
Industrial vacuum cleaner constant pressure cleaning method: Industrial vacuum cleaner constant pressure cleaning filter is currently only a cleaning mode used in high-end industrial vacuum cleaners. Constant pressure is currently a more economical and effective method for cleaning filters, because the fundamental purpose of cleaning filters is to control and stabilize the pressure difference. Fixed pressure cleaning mainly controls when to clean the filter based on the pressure difference of the industrial vacuum cleaner filter (bag or filter cartridge). When dust gradually accumulates on the filter (cloth bag or filter cartridge), more and more will form filtering resistance. When the resistance reaches the critical point, the filter will automatically start cleaning.
In addition, industrial vacuum cleaners also need to be cleaned regularly: the fixed time should not be too long, as it can cause the motor to overheat and reduce its lifespan; If the set time is too short and the running resistance is not high, cleaning can cause damage to the filter. So choose an appropriate cleaning time.
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