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Working principle and introduction of stainless steel dust collector

Source: Official website   |   Date:2019-10-12

Stainless steel Dust collectorIt is a corrosion-resistant, rust free, bright and tidy, dust-free, on-site dust collection and treatment method that utilizes the filtering effect of porous bag filter elements for dust removal. It has the advantages of high dust removal efficiency (up to 95%~99% for 0.3um dust), strong adaptability, flexible use, simple structure, stable operation, easy dust recovery, and simple maintenance. Therefore, stainless steel dust collectors are widely used in various industrial sectors such as metallurgy, chemistry, ceramics, cement, medicine, food, etc. Among various high-efficiency dust collectors, they are competitive dust removal equipment.
The working principle of stainless steel dust collector is that the dusty gas is sucked into the box by the fan through the suction pipe, enters the filter bag for filtration, and the dust particles are blocked on the surface by the filter bag. The filtered purified gas is discharged from the air outlet and can be directly discharged indoors for recycling, or discharged outdoors as needed. The entire dust removal and filtration process is the result of a comprehensive effect of gravity, inertial force, collision, electrostatic adsorption, and screening. After continuous operation of the dust collector for a period of time, the dust on the surface of the filter bag continues to increase, and then it is cleaned. The dust is shaken off in the dust collector (drawer) and then manually processed.
The application of dust collectors has good dust removal effects on small and fine metal chips, casting sand dust, cement, gypsum powder, charcoal powder, gluewood powder, plastic powder, etc. within a certain range, with a dust removal efficiency of over 99.5%.
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