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The reasons for the failure of starting the bag filter

Source: Official website   |   Date:2019-11-23

Bag filterIt is a dry dust filtering device. It is suitable for capturing small, dry, and non fibrous dust. What are the reasons why the bag filter cannot start up during production and operation?

Most bag filter dust removal systems fail to start up after being put into operation, mainly due to:
The fan cannot rotate to extract smoke, the suction of the electric furnace hood is insufficient, the smoke escapes, and the three chimneys still emit smoke; The capacity of the hood, cooler, dust collector bag, and induced draft fan does not match, and there is generally insufficient system capacity; The structure of the hood, cooler, bag filter, and induced draft fan is unreasonable and their capacity is insufficient; Unregulated ash discharge, disorderly discharge of smoke and dust, and secondary dust visible everywhere; There is no scientific management system to ensure orderly operation.
Equipment diagnosis conclusion: The bag filter system cannot operate properly, with technical, quality, and management issues; The failure of the dust collector test run is mainly due to technical issues, which are structural equipment accidents of a global nature.
The contracting unit needs to understand the characteristics of smoke and dust, and their impact on Dust removal equipmentThe important impact of design, selection, and operation. Calcium carbide furnace flue gas is a special type of flue gas that not only contains general industrial furnace flue gas components, but also has the characteristic of high moisture content (30%), resulting in a dew point temperature above 215 ℃ and easy condensation during operation. The main component of calcium carbide furnace smoke and dust is CaO, which will inevitably scale after condensation. Scaling will cause the filter bag to become stiff and not breathable, leading to the loss of filtration function of the filter material, which is a fatal factor leading to the paralysis of dust removal equipment. It is not necessary to desperately cool down just to preserve the filter bag, which may cause condensation and scaling of the filter bag.

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