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Fire prevention measures for filter cartridge dust collector equipment

Source: Official website   |   Date:2019-11-23

In some cases of handling shot blasting machine dust, the dust generated by the shot blasting machine during use is mainly rust, which is removed by friction. Later, when the dust enters the equipment, sparks will still be generated after friction. The generation of sparks can easily causeFilter cartridge dust collectorThe filter element caught fire. What about preventing the filter element of a dust collector from catching fire?

1. Fire source control during maintenance. When conducting maintenance work inside and outside the shot blasting unit, strictly control the fire source to prevent ignition of the circuit. During gas electric welding operations, the surrounding dust must be removed first. After 10 minutes of maintenance work, the machine can be started for testing or production. Smoking or other ignition is strictly prohibited near the shot blasting unit to prevent hot particles or sparks from being inhaled Pulse filter cartridge dust collectorInternally.
2. Grounding protection. All relevant equipment and facilities should be well grounded, and their grounding resistance should be within the range of 1-4 Ω to avoid static electricity accumulation in the equipment and facilities; In addition, conductivity is increased by replacing high insulation materials with conductors or conductive substances, especially by using anti-static filter materials.
3. Regularly clean the rust dust to prevent its deposition and accumulation of heat energy. It is necessary to promptly clean the accumulated dust in the pulse filter cartridge dust collector, and it is required to perform reverse blowing and unloading of dust every shift.
4. Enhance the risk awareness of operation and maintenance personnel. Provide theoretical and practical training to operators and maintenance personnel to make them aware of the flammability of rust dust, and closely monitor the operation of pulse filter cartridge dust collectors during production.

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