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What are the materials of the filter bag of the bag dust collector

Source: Official website   |   Date:2019-11-30

In order to makeBag dust collectorThe long-term stable operation of the system requires attention to the following:
Bag filter bag material:
(1) Before purchasing a bag filter, the bag material of the bag filter must be thoroughly studied based on the production process conditions, relevant technical information of the filter, and appropriate performance that meets the requirements and operating costs of about five years must be considered. Based on comprehensive factors, technical and economic comparisons must be made to determine the specifications, performance, and selection of the equipment.

Bag dust collector is a type ofDry dust filtration equipment. Suitable for collecting fine, dry, and fiber free dust

(2) Strictly follow the manufacturer's requirements to provide drawings and specifications for the work, and the operating conditions and bag materials of the bag filter should not be arbitrarily changed without complete basis and reasons before, to prevent failure caused by changes in operating conditions.

The biomass boiler bag filter mainly uses rice husk, corn straw, wood, and sawdust as the combustion medium.
(3) Understand the technical requirements and operating points of the bag filter, as well as the components of the dust removal system, pay attention to the rationality of the matching of each component, and try to avoid such large or small situations.
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