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How about the structural design of pulse bag filter

Source: Official website   |   Date:2019-11-30

Pulse bag filterStructural design includes load analysis. The determination of structural form, material selection, design points, and design calculations can generally be carried out in accordance with current specifications and supporting standard specifications. The load parameters related to the process should be analyzed and determined based on the specific operating conditions of the pulse bag filter.
pulseBag dust collectorThe spacing size of the column net depends on the process layout of the filter bag. Generally, the diameter of the filter bag is 110-160mm, and the distance between the filter bags is 50-80mm. If the length of the filter bag is greater than 6m, the spacing between the dust removal filter bags should be greater than 60mm. The distance between the filter bag and the surrounding structural beams or stiffeners should be greater than 50mm. If the distance of the pulse bag dust collector is too small and the outer skin of the filter bag is coated with dust, the air permeability inside the entire box is poor, which affects the filtration efficiency. Moreover, if there is a significant deviation in the installation of the filter bag, the filter bags will collide and rub with each other during reverse blowing or pulse, reducing the service life of the filter bag. In a pulse bag filter, each pulse tube sprays 18 filter bags, which means there are 18 filter bags in a row. If the length of the filter bag exceeds 6m, it should also be appropriately reduced.
After the filter bags are arranged, the size of the column mesh is generally determined. Dust removal equipment is an important equipment in the field of environmental protection, and its overall layout cannot be arbitrarily arranged. If the given overall position is in a bar shape, the pulse bag filter is designed as a single row (i.e., if there are two main columns horizontally, and the given position is square or rectangular, then it is designed as a double row (i.e., if there are four columns horizontally, there are two filter bag chamber boxes and two ash hoppers)
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