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Precautions to ensure the safety and reliability of single machine bag filter

Source: Official website   |   Date:2020-03-26

stand-aloneBag dust collectorIt is an efficient dust removal and purification equipment that uses filter materials to filter dust containing gases. It has the characteristics of high dust removal efficiency, simple structure, strong adaptability, and stable operation. Bag filter is not only an environmental protection equipment, but also a production equipment. Therefore, when used for flue gas dust removal, bag filter must have safety and reliability, that is, stable and reliable operation, and long service life of filter bags, while ensuring high dust removal efficiency. How to ensure its safety and reliability, the first and most important point is to ensure the following aspects when installing and debugging the bag filter

1. Before installing a standalone bag filter, a comprehensive inspection should be conducted on all components of the bag filter to ensure that they are intact and undamaged. If any missing, damaged or deformed parts are found, they must be repaired and repaired before installation.

2Single machine bag dust collectorThe size of the cloth bag should be checked for suitability, and the sewing area should be secure. If any damage or wire jumping is found, it should be repaired before being installed on the frame. The wound must be securely tied and there should be no air leakage.

3. The frame of the single machine bag filter should be carefully inspected. If any desoldering, bending, or burrs are found, they should be repaired before installing the filter bag.

4. A special rubber pad should be used between the interface of the filter bag frame and the porous plate, and it is required that there should be no air leakage after the pressure plate is compressed.

5. The installation foundation of a single machine bag filter should be on the same horizontal plane. If it is uneven, a thin steel plate can be used to level it to prevent deformation of the filter.

6. After the nozzle is fixed, the nozzle hole should be aligned with the center of the Venturi tube, and the deviation should be within 2 millimeters.

7. The connection between the air bag, electromagnetic pulse valve, and spray pipe should be reliably sealed without any air leakage.

8. The door cover and inlet/outlet flange of the single machine bag filter should be sealed with gaskets to ensure no leakage.

9. The air filter shall be filled with filter materials (foam plastic, degreased cotton, etc.) and equipped with pressure indicating device and safety valve.

10. The entire dust removal unit should undergo a comprehensive inspection to ensure that there are no problems, and only after trial operation can it be put into use in the system.

11. The installation of the pulse control instrument and electromagnetic pulse valve for the single machine bag filter should comply with the provisions of the product manual.

12. The pipeline and accessory equipment of the single machine bag filter should be carefully painted and treated with anti-corrosion measures.

13. When a single bag dust collector is put into use in the system, the cleaning pulse width, interval, and cycle should be determined according to the cleaning needs, and the resistance loss and ash discharge situation of the dust collector should be checked, and the efficiency of the dust collector should be measured.

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