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Maintenance of the filter element of the bag filter on the top of the warehouse

Source: Official website   |   Date:2021-01-12

Due to the fact that the top bag filter is a filtering instrument, the maintenance of the top bag filter and its internal filter is crucial when powdered materials such as cement, fly ash, stone powder, mineral powder, and chemical powder pass through the filter element of the filter.

1. Regularly check the operation of the dust collector. Especially in the first few weeks. Note: The inspection of the following items should be completed at least once every six months.

2. Check the vibration motor.

3. Select to start filtering.

4. Check the external seals and clamps.

5. According to the daily dust removal situation, even press the button of the vibration motor to remove the dust from the attached filter element.

6. Remove the top cover (handle with care), remove the vibration motor base, use a special wrench (randomly) to remove the filter element, clean or replace it. Repeat the installation of the filter element in reverse order.

7. Filter blockage: 1) Check if the filter element is damaged; 2) Check the packaging of the sealing box: replace the filter element, replace the seal, and clean the area for dust; Check if the vibration motor is installed correctly.

When using the bag filter on the top of the cement mixing plant, the first step is to check whether the circuit is normal and whether there are any defects to ensure the normal operation and maintenance of the work. When pouring ash into the bulk cement truck, it should be vibrated for 2-3 minutes before and after work. During this period, if an alarm occurs, work should be stopped immediately, otherwise it may damage the machine. At this time, the vehicle should be stopped to check if there are any foreign objects blocking the air outlet. If there are any, they should be cleaned in a timely manner. Another point is to clean the filter element of the dust collector. The filter element is an important component of a dust collector. So our daily protection and cleaning are also very important. We can flush the filter element. Before use, tie the pipeline in multiple channels to prevent deformation of the filter element during the cleaning process. Pay attention to the intensity of water flow during the cleaning process, and then install and use it after drying.
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