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Precautions during the trial operation of bag filter

Source: Official website   |   Date:2020-08-11

Bag dust collectorPrecautions during trial operation

Before any dust collector starts working normally, it will undergo a trial run to see if the various components are functioning properly. Then, it will undergo adaptive operation and perform performance tests on the components. After normal operation, the dust collector should also be checked for performance. After the machine starts, it is also important to closely monitor the working condition of the dust collector.

During the trial operation of the bag filter, the following points should be noted:

1: Whether the processed air volume and pressure at each detection point match the design.

2: The direction and speed of rotation of the fan, the temperature of the bearings, and the magnitude of vibration.

3: Is there any improper installation of the filter bag. Is there any occurrence of filter bags falling, loosening, or loosening after trial operation.

4: Pay attention to whether the ash discharge system is unobstructed.

After the trial operation is completed, several situations should also be noted during daily operation:

1: During operation, each ventilation and dust removal system should be equipped with testing instruments, which should be regularly tested during daily operation and accurately recorded.

2: The adjustment of cleaning cycle and cleaning time is an important factor in assisting dust collection performance and operation. The purpose of dust removal is to prevent clogging and corrosion of filter bags, and severe dust accumulation can affect the production of the host. If the temperature is too high, severe dust accumulation may cause a fire or explosion.

3: If the cleaning time of the bag filter is too long in daily dust removal, it will cause the attached dust to be removed, becoming the cause of filter bag leakage and damage. If the cleaning time is too short and the dust on the filter cartridge has not yet been removed, restoring the filtration operation will quickly restore the resistance and gradually increase, ultimately affecting its practical effect.

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