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The importance of reasonable cleaning of cloth bags

Source: Official website   |   Date:2020-07-30

Bag dust collectorIn actual operation, it is necessary to perform periodic cleaning operations on the cloth bag, and the cleaning cycle should be determined based on the amount of dust in the dust collector.

As the amount of dust captured by the bag continues to increase, the bag exhibits a forced filtration effect on coarse and fine dust particles during the capture process. Due to the thickening of the initial adhesion layer of dust, its filtration efficiency will also improve, and the resistance of the bag filter will gradually increase. The energy consumption of the system will also increase as the air flow through the bag gradually decreases. At this point, it is necessary to clean the cloth bag. It is necessary to timely and evenly remove the accumulated dust on the cloth bag, while avoiding the cleaning of the transition layer, so that it can retain the "initial adhesion layer" and ensure the stability and efficiency of the work. This is more important for cloth bags with large pores or those that are easy to clean. When the dust collector works for 60 minutes and cleans the dust once, the bag resistance and ventilation rate can immediately return to their original values. As the cleaning cycle shortens, the air volume and pressure of the bag filter will become more stable; However, frequent dust removal can cause secondary dust and shorten the service life of the cloth bag. It is very important to choose a reasonable cleaning cycle for a specific bag filter under specific operating conditions.

The fibers used for filter media include cotton fibers, wool fibers, synthetic fibers, and glass fibers. Filter media composed of different fibers have different properties. The commonly used filter materials include 208 or 901 pieces of flannel cloth, which are generally used at temperatures not exceeding 120 degrees Celsius. Glass fiber cloth bags treated with silicone resin are generally used at temperatures not exceeding 250 degrees Celsius. Cotton and wool fabrics are generally suitable for use in non corrosive dusty gases with temperatures below 80-90 degrees Celsius.

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