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Manufacturer of 5000 air volume pulse bag dust collector

Source: Official website   |   Date:2019-01-11

Pulse type bag filterIt is necessary to design according to different air volumes. And selecting different wind speeds for each type of dust also needs to be considered. Generally, whether it is a 5000 air volume filter cartridge dust collector or a 50000 air volume pulse bag dust collector, it is necessary to control the selection of wind speed.

The manufacturer of 5000 air volume pulse bag filter can say that our Kohan Environmental Protection is professional. The important thing is that we are a manufacturer of pulse type bag filters and do not know how to produce a specific model of equipment.

What are the characteristics of a 5000 air volume pulse bag filter

1. The height of the filter cartridge is small, and the installation and maintenance workload is small.

2. High dust removal efficiency (generally above 99.6%) and convenient operation.

3. The use of filter material folding can increase the filtering area and make the structure of the dust collector compact.

4. Compared with the same volume dust collector, the filtration area is relatively larger, the filtration wind speed is smaller, and the resistance is not significant.

5. The 5000 air volume pulse type bag filter uses imported polyester fiber as the filter material, which adheres a layer of ultra-thin fibers at the sub micron level to the general filter material. The arrangement of fibers on this adhesion layer is very tight, and the extremely small sieve holes can block most of the sub micron level dust particles on the surface of the filter material.

6. The dust removal process of the 5000 air volume pulse bag filter is automatically controlled by a pulse controller. Multiple filter cartridges are installed inside the dust collector to increase its effective filtering area. When a certain (pair) filter cartridge meets the requirements for cleaning, the spraying device is activated for cleaning, and the other filter cartridges work normally. This not only achieves the cleaning effect but also does not affect the operation of the equipment, allowing the dust collector to operate continuously; The combined dust collector adopts a separate chamber offline pulse automatic cycle for dust removal. Multiple filter cartridges are installed in each dust removal room to increase its effective filtration area. When a filter cartridge in a dust removal room meets the requirements for dust removal, the spraying device is activated for dust removal, and other dust removal rooms work normally. This not only ensures the dust removal effect but also allows the dust collector to operate continuously.

The service life of the 5000 air volume pulse bag filter is relatively long, and the cost and maintenance expenses are relatively low. The overall structure is compact, occupying a small area, and maintenance is relatively convenient. Compared with bag filter, it has a broader development prospect in both desulfurization and normal dust removal, making it a more suitable dust removal equipment for vigorous promotion. thereforePulse type bag filterIt is widely used in many different industries, and different dust removal filter cartridges are selected according to the characteristics of different dust. Currently, commonly seen filter media on the market include polyester, film covering, and various types of fibers, which can meet the filtration accuracy of different dust.

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