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Material characteristics and scope of use of filter dust collector

Source: Official website   |   Date:2019-01-17

Characteristics and usage range of commonly used filter cartridge materials

1. Paper filter cartridge

Paper filter cartridge is a filter material made of wood pulp fibers, with a filtration efficiency of 99.99% for 1 μ m dust and a large filtration area. After being made into a filter cartridge, the external size is 324 * 660mm, and the filtration area can reach 21 square meters. This type of filter material has poor strength and is not resistant to water, making it suitable for air filtration or dust environments with low water content.

2. Polyester filter cartridge

Polyester filter cartridge is made of polyester non-woven adhesive filter material, which has been subjected to hot roller pressing, heat setting, waterproof and oil proof saturation treatment. It has a tight microporous structure and can filter dust of 1 μ m with an efficiency of 99.99%. After being made into a filter cartridge, it has various external dimensions. This type of filter cartridge can be washed with water, with a high operating temperature of 135 ℃. While maintaining filtration at all times, the pressure difference is much smaller than that of standard needle punched felt. Belongs to surface filtration, easy to clean dust, and has a wide range of applications.

3. Membrane filter cartridge

Membrane covered filter cartridges are made by bonding expanded microporous polytetrafluoroethylene (ePTFE) films onto the surface of various filter media through hot pressing. The BWF membrane filter cartridge can achieve a dust treatment effect of 99.999% for 0.5 μ m, with low friction coefficient, strong hydrophobicity, and good dust removal effect. Suitable for working conditions with high wind speed, high humidity, and high dust removal requirements.


4. Pleated long filter cartridge

The long filter cartridge has the shape of a filter bag, and the products have flower plate diameters of 127mm, 133mm, 159mm, 162mm, etc. The length is usually 1-2 meters, and can reach up to 3 meters in special applications. This type of filter cartridge installation method usually includes top mounted, bottom mounted, and screw mounted. There are two types of materials for the top and bottom covers: polyurethane and metal. The pleated long filter cartridge has the following characteristics:

Vertical installation makes it easy to design a reasonable airflow, and during ash cleaning, there will be no situation where the dust from the horizontal upper filter cartridge falls on the lower filter cartridge.

The pleat distance is large, the pleat top angle is large, and dust is not easily blocked in the gaps, making it easy to clean.

Compared to dust removal cloth bags, the filtering area is 2-4 times that of the same size filter bag, which can greatly reduce the equipment volume, and has high dust removal efficiency, good wear resistance, and convenient replacement and maintenance.

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