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Knowledge of single machine dust collector and the principle and operation of dust cleaning and spraying

Source: Official website   |   Date:2019-03-15

Single machine dust collectorKnowledge and the principle and operation of dust cleaning and spraying

Compared with other bag filters, the single machine bag filter is economical, practical, simple and compact in structure, easy to install, and easy to maintain (internal filter type). It is mainly used as a dust collector for various discharge and dust lifting points such as top, bottom, top, and conveying equipment. The UF single machine bag filter group adopts polyester bag feeding bag, with an inlet gas temperature of less than 120 degrees, a dust concentration of 100g/m3 at the inlet, and a dust concentration of emission standards at the outlet.

Single machine dust collectorWorking principle: After the dusty gas enters the unit, the dust is separated by two poles. Due to changes in flow velocity and airflow direction, large particles of dust fall into the drawer (type A). For Type B, it falls into the user's silo and other equipment. Fine and lighter dust is trapped by the filter bag, and the purified clean air is sucked out by a centrifugal fan and sent back to the workshop to reduce heat loss. To ensure the continuous operation of dust, an electric dust cleaning mechanism is used to periodically trap the dust accumulated on the filter bag into the collection drawer. Single machine dust collectors are widely used for dust removal and treatment in industries such as refractory materials, cement building materials, chemical, mechanical processing, casting, ceramics, glass, etc. They have good dust removal effects on dust of different densities

Single machine dust collectorInternal structure: Shell: welded with steel plates and connected with screws. Including rubber sealed doors, filter bag frame brackets, ash cleaning linkage mechanisms, etc. Ash hopper: a part of the shell with a withdrawable dust collection drawer. Sealing: It is a sealing material. Filter bag: made of 208 polyester velvet fabric, including frame sealing body and spring type insert pad. Ash cleaning machinery: High frequency vibration generated by electricity is transmitted to the filter bag by an eccentric linkage mechanism for ash cleaning. Control: A direct starter for fans and cleaning civilian aircraft, and a time relay for controlling the cleaning cycle. The ash cleaning mechanism can be manually or automatically controlled. The automatic ash cleaning is carried out intermittently during the operation of the fan. Manual ash cleaning automatically stops when the fan stops running and takes several seconds to clean. The centrifugal fan is directly connected to the motor, and the impeller of the fan is dynamically balanced.

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