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What are the advantages of UV photodegradation purifiers?

Source: Official website   |   Date:2019-04-19

The UV photodegradation purifier has the following significant advantages:

1. UV photolysisThe purifier has strong adaptability: it can adapt to the purification treatment of the vast majority of high concentration, atmospheric volume, and different organic gas substances. Through reasonable module configuration, it can be widely used in: refineries, rubber plants, chemical plants, pharmaceutical plants, sewage treatment plants, garbage transfer stations, sewage pump rooms, central air conditioning and other gasesDeodorization, sterilization, and purificationProcessing. It can work continuously 24 hours a day and operate stably and reliably.

2. UV photodegradation purifierEfficient deodorization: It can efficiently remove volatile organic compounds (VOCs), inorganic pollutants such as hydrogen sulfide and ammonia, and various odors. The deodorization efficiency can reach over 99%, and the deodorization effect is greatly better than the national emission standards for odor pollutants (GB14554-93)

3. Low operating cost: This equipment has no mechanical devices, no movement noise, and does not require specialized management and daily maintenance. It only requires regular inspection and maintenance, with low maintenance and energy consumption, extremely low wind resistance, and can save a lot of exhaust power energy consumption.

4. Safety and reliability: Due to the use of photolysis principle, the module adopts explosion-proof treatment, eliminating safety hazards. It has high fire, explosion, and corrosion resistance performance, and the equipment performance is safe and stable, especially suitable for high concentration flammable and explosive waste gas occasions.

5. No need for pre-treatment: Organic gases do not require special pre-treatment, such as heating and humidification. The equipment can operate normally in an operating environment with a temperature between -30 ℃ and 95 ℃, humidity between 30% and 98%, and a pH value between 2-13. No other substances or agents need to be added for treatment.

6. Flexible configuration and installation: It can be flexibly configured according to the size of air volume and gas concentrationPhotolytic oxidation moduleThe number of components adopts a drawer style plug-in installation form, with unified accessories, easy installation and maintenance. Spare parts can be maintained and replaced online, making them convenient and flexible.
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