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Pulse bag dust collector is widely used in dust recovery in hot-dip galvanizing pots and pans

Source: Official website   |   Date:2019-05-24

Pulse dust collectorOverview: Using an effective dust recovery device to effectively recover and utilize zinc powder. High temperature resistance and explosion resistance. Stable operation. Low cost. Suitable for long-term operation. So we chose MCCCQBag dust collector. Suitable for: hot-dip galvanizing, hot-dip zinc spraying, zinc tank, zinc pot. Smoke and dust recovery and treatment.

Characteristics of MCCCQ bag filter:

1. Clean dust recovery

2. Emissions meet the requirements of the Environmental Protection Bureau

3. Stable operation

4. Low resistance

5. More energy-efficient

6. Dust capture rate up to 99.9%

Model Introduction: MCCCQ RepresentativePulse dust collectorAbbreviations for

The zinc liquid melted first in the zinc pot position is prone to oxidation and is not volatile, so the zinc liquid has no odor. However, during the zinc bath, the drug on the surface of the workpiece reacts with the zinc liquid to produce slight smoke, which is a fine zinc oxide dust containing chlorine odor. Therefore, wearing a mask during production operations is OK. During the production process of hot-dip galvanizing, a certain amount of waste liquid and exhaust gas will be generated. As long as it is properly treated, it will meet the national emission standards. At the same time, corresponding labor protection measures will be adopted according to different sections, which is almost harmless to human health. So the process optimization, technological innovation, and environmental protection of hot-dip galvanizing have basically achieved international standards. The above introduction indicates that the installation of specialized dust collectors in galvanizing plants is an inevitable trend. Now, we will introduce the new type of dust collector for galvanizing: MCCCQ pulse bag dust collector (galvanizing dust collector) is a special equipment used for zinc dust recovery system, with the characteristics of large amount of flue gas treatment and high efficiency. It is improved on the basis of DX120-II DZ dust collector, with good insulation effect and anti condensation, making it an ideal equipment for zinc dust recovery.

Pulse dust collectorOverview of structure and working principle

1. The main structural parts are five parts:

(1) Purification section: composed of filter bags, filter bag frames, flower boards, dust containing gas inlet, purification gas outlet, etc.

(2) Dust cleaning system: composed of solenoid valve, pulse valve, spray pipe, air bag, etc.

(3) Shell part: composed of upper box, middle box, ash hopper and bracket.

(4) Ash discharge part: composed of electric motor, reducer, star shaped ash discharge valve, etc.

(5) Heating and insulation parts: Heating channels and outer insulation layers are laid on the middle box and ash hopper wall panels.

2. Working principle: Dust containing gas is introduced into the middle box through the air inlet, filtered by the purification section, and the clean gas enters the upper box before being discharged through the purification outlet. The dust is trapped on the outer wall of the filter bag, and then cleaned by the cleaning section to shake off the dust adsorbed on the surface of the filter bag into the ash hopper. It is discharged by the ash discharge valve, and the heating pipeline is connected to the steam heating box. The outer layer is insulated to prevent condensation inside the box.

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