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Pulse dust collector manufacturer tells you that the equipment is "light to use and heavy to care for"

Source: Official website   |   Date:2019-05-31

Dust collectors are an important link in the working environment of various units. The dust removal efficiency and service life of dust collectors directly affect the efficiency and image of enterprises. Therefore, whether dust collectors can maintain long-term efficient and stable operation, and extend their service life, daily maintenance and upkeep are very important. belowPulse dust collector manufacturerLet's teach everyone about daily maintenance and upkeep.

(1) Management personnel should be familiar with the principle, performance, and usage conditions of dust collectors, and master the methods of adjustment and maintenance;

(2) Mechanical moving parts such as reducers and ash conveying devices should be lubricated and replaced according to regulations. Any abnormal phenomena should be promptly eliminated;

(3) The oil-water separator in the gas storage tank and gas source triple unit should be discharged once per shift, and the oil-water separator should be cleaned every three to six months. The oil mist collector should be checked for oil storage regularly and refilled in a timely manner;

(4) If the electromagnetic pulse valve malfunctions, it should be promptly eliminated. If there are impurities or moisture inside, it should be cleaned. If the diaphragm is damaged, it should be replaced in a timely manner;

(5) When using a timed pulse controller, the accuracy of the cleaning cycle should be regularly measured, otherwise adjustments should be made. When using a fixed resistance pulse controller, the working condition of the pressure switch should be checked regularly, the pressure measuring port should be checked for blockage, and cleaned;

(6) Regularly measure process parameters, such as smoke volume, temperature, concentration, etc. If abnormalities are found, the cause should be identified and dealt with in a timely manner;

(7) When starting up, compressed air should be connected to the air storage tank, control power should be connected, and the ash discharge device should be started. If there are other equipment in the system, downstream equipment should be started first;

(8) During shutdown, after the process system stops, it should be maintainedDust collectorContinue working with the exhaust fan for a period of time to remove moisture and dust from the dust removal equipment. It must be noted that when the dust collector stops working, it must be cleaned repeatedly. Manual cleaning can also be used to remove dust from the dust removal filter bag to prevent it from being affected by moisture and sticking to the bag;

(9) When shutting down, it is not necessary to cut off the compressed air source, especially when the fan is working, compressed air must be provided to the lift valve cylinder to ensure that the lift valve is in an open state;

(10)Dust collectorDuring normal operation, the ash discharge device cannot stop working. Otherwise, the ash hopper will quickly accumulate dust and overflow into the bag room, forcing the dust collector to stop working.

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