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Deodorization principle of activated carbon processor

Source: Official website   |   Date:2019-06-28

At around 16:00 on April 29, 2016, an aluminum dust explosion occurred at Jingyixing Hardware Processing Factory in Guangming New District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province. As of May 6th, it has caused 4 deaths and 6 injuries, including 5 severe burns. The accident unit was mainly engaged in the polishing business of bicycle aluminum alloy parts, and did not set up a dust removal system according to standard specifications. Instead, an axial flow fan was used to blow the polishing aluminum dust into the outdoor sedimentation tank under positive pressure through a rectangular brick groove dust removal duct. According to preliminary investigation and analysis, this accident was caused by an initial explosion of aluminum dust in the dust removal duct of the brick trough, resulting in a secondary explosion of aluminum dust in the factory building and causing casualties.
This incident once again rings the alarm for safety production and reminds people Dust removal equipmentThe importance in industrial production
Polishing and polishingWork can generate a large amount of floating dust, and the dust particle size is small and the dispersion speed is fast. According to the different products that need to be polished and polished, the properties of the dust generated are also different. These dust not only seriously endanger the health of on-site workers, but some even have the possibility of explosion at all times.
Our company has rich experience in dust treatment for polishing and polishing, and often uses high air volume industrial dust collectors to capture dust in real time. That is, by calculating and making corresponding specifications of vacuum hoods, they are connected to the main pipeline through branch pipes, and the main pipeline is connected to our dust collector. The suction direction is generally consistent with the direction of dust dispersion during polishing and polishing. The calculation of air volume selection is mainly based on this. For explosive dust such as aluminum powder, dust collectors and related accessories need to undergo explosion-proof treatment. Our company has corresponding explosion-proof industrial dust collectors to choose from.

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