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Performance advantages of UV photodegradation deodorization equipment

Source: Official website   |   Date:2019-07-18

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Performance advantages of UV photodegradation deodorization equipment

1. Efficient deodorization: It can efficiently remove volatile organic compounds (VOCs), inorganic substances, hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, thiols and other major pollutants, as well as various odor gases. The deodorization efficiency can reach over 99%, and the deodorization effect greatly exceeds the national odor pollutant emission standard (GB14554-93) issued in 1993 and the comprehensive emission standard for air pollutants issued in 1996 (GB16297-1996)

2. No need to add any substances: just set up corresponding exhaust pipes and exhaust power, so that the odor and industrial waste gas can be deodorized, decomposed and purified through this equipment, without adding any substances to participate in chemical reactions;

3. Strong adaptability: The photocatalytic waste gas treatment equipment can adapt to the deodorization and purification treatment of high concentration, atmospheric volume, and different industrial waste gases. Can work continuously 24 hours a day, with stable and reliable operation;

4. The UV photodegradation deodorization equipment has no mechanical action, no noise, and does not require specialized management and daily maintenance. Only regular inspections are required. This equipment has low energy consumption and low wind resistance, which can save a lot of exhaust air;

5. The equipment has a small footprint, light weight, and is suitable for compact layout and special site conditions;

6. High quality imported material manufacturing: high fire and corrosion resistance, safe and stable equipment performance, using stainless steel or PP material, with a service life of more than fifteen years;

7. Adopting advanced international technological concepts, it can completely decompose harmful and toxic substances in industrial waste gas, and achieve perfect deodorization and purification effects. After decomposition, industrial waste gas can be completely discharged without causing secondary pollution, while achieving efficient disinfection and sterilization;

8. The equipment has safety and explosion-proof characteristics, and has passed the explosion-proof qualification certification of the National Explosion proof Electrical Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center. It can be widely used in industries with high explosion-proof requirements such as oil extraction, petrochemicals, and pharmaceuticals.

The waste gas that UV photolysis deodorization equipment can process mainly includes VOC, hydrogen sulfide, ammonia nitrogen, mercaptans, thioethers, benzene, nitro, hydrocarbons, and aldehydes; Up to now, UV photodegradation deodorization equipment has been applied in various fields such as ink printing, paper industry, pharmaceutical industry, food industry, tire and rubber production plants, automobile production plants, paint spraying plants, sewage treatment plants, garbage treatment plants, leather factories, printing and dyeing plants, spice industry, feed and animal husbandry, pesticide production, and tobacco industry for odor and odor treatment, and has achieved good social and economic benefits. UV photodegradation and deodorization equipment has become a strong player in the target exhaust gas treatment industry, leading other similar environmental protection equipment with unique advantages.

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