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The importance of ventilation and dust removal pipelines in Dongguan to the environment

Source: Official website   |   Date:2017-07-22

With the rapid development of industry in our country, the emission of harmful substances in industry is increasing day by day, and environmental pollution problems are becoming more and more serious. The industrial production process of ventilation and dust removal pipelines in Dongguan is accompanied by the emission of billions of harmful substances. If these harmful substances are not treated, they will seriously pollute the indoor and outdoor air environment, and have a great impact on people's health. As an important part of ventilation engineering, industrial ventilation is mainly responsible for controlling the dust, harmful gases, high temperature, and high humidity generated in the production process, creating a good production environment and protecting the atmosphere.
Doing a good job in industrial ventilation can improve the air conditions in the production workshop and surrounding areas, prevent the occurrence of occupational diseases, protect people's health, and increase labor productivity; On the other hand, it can ensure the normal operation of production and improve product quality. With the continuous development of industry, the types and quantities of industrial harmful substances emitted are increasing day by day, and air pollution has become a global problem.

The rationality of the design and layout of the ventilation and dust removal pipeline system in Dongguan will directly affect the effectiveness and technical and economic performance of the entire ventilation and dust removal and air conditioning system. Therefore, it is particularly important to comprehensively consider various issues in the design of ventilation pipelines.

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