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What should be noted in the trial operation of bag filter

Source: Official website   |   Date:2019-04-04

In daily operation, inspections should still be carried out, especially forBag dust collectorCheck the performance of. Pay attention to the impact of changes in the load of the host equipment on the performance of the dust collector. After the machine starts, close attention should be paid to the working condition of the bag filter and relevant records should be kept.

In the newBag dust collectorDuring trial operation, special attention should be paid to checking the following points:

1. The rotation direction, speed, bearing vibration, and temperature of the fan.

2. Check if the air volume and pressure and temperature at each testing point match the design.

3.Dust removal filter bagThe installation status of the chimney can be determined by visually observing the emission status of the chimney after use, whether there are any bags falling off, looseness, wear, etc.

4. Pay attention to whether there is condensation in the bag room and whether the ash discharge system is unobstructed. Prevent blockage and corrosion, as severe dust accumulation can affect the production of the host.

5. The adjustment of the cleaning cycle and cleaning time is an important factor affecting the dust collection performance and operation status. If the cleaning time is too long, it will cause the attached dust layer to be removed, becoming the cause of filter bag leakage and damage. If the cleaning time is too short and the dust on the filter bag has not yet been removed, resuming the filtering operation will quickly restore the resistance and gradually increase, ultimately affecting its effectiveness.

The interval between two cleaning cycles is called the cleaning cycle, and it is generally hoped that the cleaning cycle will be as long as possible, so that the dust collector can operate under economic resistance conditions. Therefore, careful research should be conducted on the properties and concentration of dust, and the cleaning cycle and time should be determined based on different cleaning methods. Adjustments should be made during trial operation to achieve optimal cleaning parameters.

At the beginning of operation, unexpected situations often occur, such as abnormal temperature, pressure, moisture, etc., which will cause damage to the new device.

The rapid change in gas temperature can cause deformation of the fan shaft, resulting in an unbalanced state and vibration during operation. Once stopped, the temperature drops sharply, and when restarted, vibration will occur again. Choose different types of fans based on gas temperature.

The quality of the trial operation of the dust removal equipment directly affects whether it can be put into normal operation. If not handled properly, the bag filter may quickly lose its effectiveness. Therefore, it is important to do a good jobDust removal equipmentThe trial operation is meticulous and cautious.

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